This is what FFG stands for

What is important to us

Respecting each other: We all treat each other fairly and with respect. This helps us manage conflicts constructively.

Honoring agreements: Constructive cooperation requires that you can rely on each other. We do what we say.

Account for results: Everyone in the company is responsible for the results of their actions. And each individual is responsible for the satisfaction of our customers and the achievement of the defined corporate goals.

What is important to us in regard to leadership

Leading by example: Our managers are aware that they set standards for others with what they do.

Provide orientation: Our managers teach our employees not only what they should do, but also why they should do it. They make decisions comprehensible and consistently pursue their implementation.

Leading in your own way: Our managers encourage and challenge their employees, taking into account individual strengths and weaknesses. At the same time, their decisions remain fair and comprehensible.