Hamburg Corporate Governance Code (HCGK)

FFG Fahrzeugwerkstätten Falkenried GmbH sees corporate governance as an important challenge to responsible and value-oriented corporate management. This has always been a high priority at FFG, which is why we expressly support the Hamburg Corporate Governance Code and the goals and purposes it pursues.

The Hamburg Corporate Governance Code is intended to contribute to the following:

  • to initiate a continuous process to improve corporate governance in Hamburg's public companies,
  • to increase the transparency of Hamburg's public companies and to increase trust in decisions made by the administration and politicians by making them more public and verifiable,
  • that management boards commit to the sustainability goals of the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg and report on them,
  • to set a standard for the interaction between shareholders, supervisory body and management and to enter into a continuous improvement process.

The Hamburg Corporate Governance Code is based on the German Corporate Governance Code for corporations and forms the basis for the management, monitoring and auditing of public companies in Hamburg.

The declarations of conformity for FFG with the Hamburg Corporate Governance Code can be found under the following link:

In addition, you can view the Articles of Incorporation and the Rules of Procedure of the Supervisory Board of FFG as well as the current Management Report below: